(A psalm by the clan of Korah and for the music leader.)
Don't Depend on Wealth
1 Everyone on this earth,
now listen to what I say!
2 Listen, no matter who you are,
rich or poor.
3 I speak words of wisdom,
and my thoughts make sense.
4 I have in mind a mystery
that I will explain
while playing my harp.

5 Why should I be afraid
in times of trouble,
when I am surrounded
by vicious enemies?
6 They trust in their riches
and brag about
all their wealth.
7 You cannot buy back your life
or pay off God!
8 It costs far too much
to buy back your life.
You can never pay God enough
9 to stay alive forever
and safe from death.

10 We see that wise people die,
and so do stupid fools.
Then their money is left
for someone else.
11 The grave will be their home
forever and ever,
although they once had land
of their own.
12 Our human glory disappears,
and, like animals, we die.

13 Here is what happens to fools
and to those who trust
the words of fools:
14 They are like sheep
with death as their shepherd,
leading them to the grave.
In the morning God's people
will walk all over them,
as their bodies lie rotting
in their home, the grave.
15 But God will rescue me
from the power of death.

16 Don't let it bother you
when others get rich
and live in luxury.
17 Soon they will die
and all their wealth
will be left behind.

18 We humans are praised
when we do well,
and all of us are glad
to be alive.
19 But we each will go down
to our ancestors,
never again to see
the light of day.
20 Our human glory disappears,
and, like animals, we die.