Trust God
1 My child, remember
my teachings and instructions
and obey them completely.
2 They will help you live
a long and prosperous life.
3 Let love and loyalty
always show like a necklace,
and write them in your mind.
4 God and people will like you
and hold you in high esteem.

5 With all your heart
you must trust the Lord
and not your own judgment.
6 Always let him lead you,
and he will clear the road
for you to follow.
7 Don't ever think that you
are wise enough,
but respect the Lord
and stay away from evil.
8 This will make you healthy,
and you will feel strong.
9 Honor the Lord by giving him
your money and the first part
of all your crops.
10 Then you will have
more grain and grapes
than you will ever need.

11 My child, don't turn away
or become bitter
when the Lord corrects you.
12 The Lord corrects
everyone he loves,
just as parents correct
a child they dearly love.
The Value of Wisdom
13 God blesses everyone
who has wisdom
and common sense.
14 Wisdom is worth more
than silver;
it makes you much richer
than gold.
15 Wisdom is more valuable
than precious jewels;
nothing you want
compares with her.

16 In her right hand
Wisdom holds a long life,
and in her left hand
are wealth and honor.
17 Wisdom makes life pleasant
and leads us safely along.
18 Wisdom is a life-giving tree,
the source of happiness
for all who hold on to her.

19 By his wisdom and knowledge
the Lord created
heaven and earth.
20 By his understanding
he let the ocean break loose
and clouds release the rain.
21 My child, use common sense
and sound judgment!
Always keep them in mind.
22 They will help you to live
a long and beautiful life.
23 You will walk safely
and never stumble;
24 you will rest without a worry
and sleep soundly.
25 So don't be afraid
of sudden disasters
or storms that strike
those who are evil.
26 You can be sure that the Lord
will protect you from harm.

27 Do all you can for everyone
who deserves your help.
28 Don't tell your neighbor
to come back tomorrow,
if you can help today.
29 Don't try to be mean
to neighbors who trust you.
30 Don't argue just to be arguing,
when you haven't been hurt.
31 Don't be jealous
of cruel people
or follow their example.

32 The Lord doesn't like
anyone who is dishonest,
but he lets good people
be his friends.
33 He places a curse on the home
of everyone who is evil,
but he blesses the home
of every good person.
34 The Lord sneers at those
who sneer at him,
but he is kind to everyone
who is humble.
35 You will be praised
if you are wise,
but you will be disgraced
if you are a stubborn fool.