Bible Translation

Translation of Bible from original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into local South Sudanese languages) and the current translation projects are: Zande Bible and Deutrocanonical (DC) and Bari Bible Revision with DC.


This is program follows the translation of the Bible into local languages. Each language that has gotten the Scripture translated by Bible Society in South Sudan, there is provision of Literacy to help the language speakers read their newly translated Bible (OT, NT or Scripture portion).

Trauma Healing (TH)

This a Bible Engagement program. It helps the Bible reader engage with the Bible.

Classic Trauma Healing

This program helps the traumatized get rid of his/her trauma. Healing groups are for helping the traumatized and Equipping Sessions are for the Facilitators to reach as many people as possible with the Trauma Healing Program.

Audio Trauma Healing

The Audio Trauma is for Radio programs and formation of Healing Groups after listening to the program on the Radio. This can reach where the Facilitator cannot.

This programs targets Children who are affected by trauma and it helps them to recover from the trauma through various activities that they do.

Children’s Trauma Healing

This is for translation of Trauma Healing Materials from English to local South Sudanese languages. Healing the Wound of Trauma has already been translated into Juba Arabic.

Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH)

This program makes the word of God accessible to the non-readers and readers as well. Listening Groups of FCBH is an effective Tool of evangelism. FCBH and Talking Bibles both provide training for the Listening Groups.